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Your Chiropractic Journey

Patients can often be put under a lot of pressure to accept a proposed treatment plan and start with Chiropractic procedures on the first day of arriving at a clinic. We do not believe in this approach for many reasons – most of all it puts increased pressure on the patient. This is why we aim to provide a relaxed atmosphere where, in a short space of time, you will be introduced to our staff, examined thoroughly with our EMG spinal scanning equipment and will be given every detail of treatment.

On your first visit to PureChiro, you will be guided every step of the way. The Chiropractor will provide a thorough consultation and examination, and will begin to compile a tailored treatment plan that is right for you.

We will ask you to fill out a Chiropractic history form when you arrive at the clinic – this will be passed to your Chiropractor. The Chiropractor will then come and greet you and guide you to an examination room.

The first visit is all based around learning about you, your symptoms and to what extent your body is being affected. The consultation and examination will last approximately one hour to acquire all the detail we need to specifically tailor a plan that is unique to you. Your condition may require neurological scanning, utilising our onsite MyoVision EMG scanner. If so, don’t worry, this comes at no extra charge.

A comprehensive in-depth review of your health history:

To understand your condition the Chiropractor must first understand the state of your overall health, including your symptoms and to what degree you are functioning. Once we have these details, we can focus our examination to find what is creating your symptoms.


A thorough Chiropractic examination:

The Chiropractor will use a variety of examination procedures to find the details of your condition including: range of movement, flexibility, reflexes, posture and many others.

Detailed Postural and Spinal Evaluation:

Posture is an integral part to the examination procedure. So, your alignment will be checked and measured to aid the Chiropractor.







Neurological MyoVision Scanner:

We are lucky enough to be equipped with MyoVision scanning equipment onsite, where we can create Electromyographic spinal images. All of these tests help us find greater neurological detail in your body.













Report of findings

We will compile a detailed report of findings following your initial consultation, which will be discussed in detail with you, including treatment plan, with which you can then make an informed decision on beginning your treatment journey with PureChiro.



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