Tips on How to Reduce Headaches & Migraines

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Part 1 : Stand up Tall

Your posture could be the leading cause of you headaches seeming as your head is as heavy as a bowling ball.  Remembering to stand upright can be a struggle so, make sure your shoulders stay relaxed with your head stretched towards the ceiling.  Your chin should be tuck in enough that your ear lobe is in line with the tip of your shoulder.

Try an exercise: 

Tuck your chin toward your neck, ensuring its parallel to the floor, if done correctly you should make a double chin.  Hold this for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Part 2 : Technology Bringing you Down?

Whether using a phone, laptop/PC or tablet bring them up to your eye level to reduce the stress your neck, from looking down.  Also, when handling phone calls refrain from holding the device between your ear and shoulder.  Instead turn towards a headset, especially if you are taking a frequent amount of calls each day.

Part 3 : Treat Yourself in the Right Way

Making quick changes in your diet can lead to a sudden drop or spike in your blood sugar levels which can lead to headaches/migraines.  By having small, regular meals filled with natural ingredients it will assist in keeping your blood sugar levels in check; by giving your body food with the best nutritional value.

Part 4 : Staying Hydrated

Being dehydrated may come from NOT drinking enough water or, drinking TOO much caffeine.  Drinking plenty of fluids each day allows your body to stay healthy, which will assist in maintaining the function of your heart, brain and muscles.

If you aren't keen on the taste of plain water try adding a slice of lemon, to add flavour.

Part 5 : Don't Fall Asleep on the Job!

If you have an incorrect sleeping position or disturbed sleeping pattern it leads to fatigue, which can trigger headaches.  Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for your spine - as this places your neck in an unnatural bend and increases stress on your lower back.

If you struggle with sleeping try: turning lights down before bed, avoid looking at a 'moving' screen (TV/Tablet/Phone), soothing music, smells or teas and bedtime meditation.

Part 6 : Reduce the Weight on your Shoulders


Your bag should not exceed more than 10% of your body weight.  When it weights over this amount it can place strain through your head, neck and shoulders.  By switching which shoulder your bag is upon it will reduce repetitive strain.  Or an even better choice would be to purchase a bag with two straps, which can be placed upon both shoulders, this way weight is balanced on either side of your body.

Part 7 : Benefit from Downloading Meditation Apps


Stress is a crucial factor when it comes to headaches and migraines. Taking a good break away from a busy schedule is ideal to reduce stress, which in turn will reduce headaches.  Also, with there being multiple meditation and mindfulness apps to download nowadays, its worth getting your hands on some as you may find techniques that work best for you.

Some apps which may be of interest to you include:

  • Headspace - Being very similar to other general fitness apps, Headspace allows users to draw a wellness plan that works for them by selecting meditation sessions to fit their mood and lifestyle.  Once set-up users can begin to think about how they are able to become a more mindful, compassionate individual.

  • Insight - As it says in the name, Insight shows users a collection of free guided exercises.  Rather than having to pay for a subscription at first, the app allows users to understand how meditation can be useful towards their everyday life.  This app is worth downloading at first, rather than others, to provide you with a taste of how meditation apps can be used during everyday life.  

  • Stop, Breathe & Think - For individuals who have access to an Echo voice-activated device, they can be guided by 'Alexa' in how to complete daily meditations.  The app helps you monitor the highs and lows of your week by having users' check-in' at various times of the day; which allows you to review your anxiety levels.  Also, you can work upon falling asleep faster, improving focus and anxiety.  To receive benefits users (android or iOS) can pay 4.91 US dollars monthly, take a look at the website which provides information on what its included in theses packages.

  • Welzen - This app can provide everything from 15 minute sessions to dinner hour sized calm. owns. There are various cuddly-looking creatures, which provide different areas for meditation.  Welzen is great for beginners as you can learn about the science behind meditation, and how it alleviates certain mental stressors.  To receive all benefits of the app, users (android or iOS) can pay 9.99 US dollars monthly.

  • Calm - This app produces various noises that block out external commotions such as the patter of rain, gentle animal sounds and the crackle of a fireplace.  This helps users to transport into a happier, calmer place while meditating.  Also, it can assist on improving the quality of your sleep and teaches you how to focus on your breathing.  The first seven days of this app are free (android or iOS), then is has to be paid for which is 4.99 US dollars.


Part 8 : Now Get Involved in Chiropractic

If you have tried all of the techniques above, take advantage of your local chiropractor by going for a check-up and see what could be the underlying cause.  Don't sit around wishing for these headaches to go away, if you want change follow a path that will lead you there.  No matter how long it takes!



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