Tips on How to Reduce Backpain

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Part 1 : Walk in Comfort

There will be around 25 times more pressure through your back when wearing high heels.  Choosing the wrong footwear for a number of years will build up this pressure and by the age of 40 it will result in a weak and stiff back.


Part 2 : Stop Sitting All the Time

The fact is our bodies aren't meant for sitting down, at least not 24/7.  When you sit there is approximately 10x more pressure pushing down on your spine, than when stood.  The majority of us slouch when sitting, meaning that our spine muscles don't function in the same way.

Part 3 : When to Use Ice or Heat


Ice is the best way to ease back pain as, it reduces swelling which causes the discomfort.  It works by decreasing blood flow, in that area, which temporarily reduces nerve activity.  When applying ice onto the skin, only do so for a short period of time.  It can be repeated after a couple of hours, as long as the skin isn't still pink from the previous application.  

In the morning, it is beneficial to use heat as it will relieve stiffness in your back.  When heat is applied, it improves circulation and blood flow to the affected area.  Assisting in soothing muscles through increasing flexibility.  Make sure you check the skin at regular intervals, to ensure it isn't too pink in colour.

Part 4 : No More Sitting Cross Legged


Our spine isn't supposed to be twisted, which is what happens when sitting cross legged.  Twisting joints stretches our muscles and in this position your spine/lower back is weak making you vulnerable to injury.  

In an office job its easy to sit cross legged as we find it comfortable.  To refrain from doing this regularly, speak to your team about investing in foot stools.  This will make it so your knees are in line with your hips, reducing the temptation of sitting cross legged.

Part 5 : Pillow Between the Knees


When sleeping its easy to twist your spine, in the same way as sitting cross legged.  By placing a pillow between the knees it reduces the amount of twist in your spine.  A firm pillow will do just the trick, when sleeping at night, preventing your upper leg pulling your spine out of alignment.  Plus, it should reduce the stress on your hips and lower back.  

Only benefits can come from trying this technique - give it a go!


Part 6 : Time for a Mattress Change

Changing the mattress is important to ensure comfort to your body and spine.  When first choosing a mattress always look for one which suits your needs, seeming as you will be sleeping in it nearly every night!

If you sleep alongside someone else, it may be a struggle to agree on one mattress as people have different preferences.  Turn towards a mattress topper that will provide an extra layer of cushioning.  This way, you could purchase a basic mattress and then make your own opinion on which mattress topper is best - without having to please anyone else!


Part 7 : Now Get Involved in Chiropractic 

If you have tried all of the techniques above, take advantage of your local chiropractor by going for a check-up and see what could be the underlying cause.  Don't sit around making the back pain worse, get up onto your feet and make the change happen



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