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7 Challenging Health Questions...

Dr. Luke Turner, MChiro, Doctor of Chiropractic, PureChiro Clinic, Dronfield.

(My gratitude and respect to Doctors of Chiropractic Dr. Donald Francis and Dr. Thomas Waller).

In December 2017, I attended a meeting at Epoch Lincoln (Dr. Thomas Wallers Chiropractic centre).The talk was given by Dr. Donald Francis. He suggested and offered answers to some very thought provoking issues around health. 

As a healthcare professional, it was inspiring to hear his views on such challenging questions and as his delivery was modest and effective, I wish to share this with you….


​​1. Do we treat the Pain, or better still do we treat the Problem?

A very tough question especially when you are in pain. Imagine pain like a fire alarm alerting you to danger. Addressing the pain but not the problem is like taking the batteries out of the fire alarm just because the noise is annoying you. I am sure you have heard of friends or family who don't address these body signals/symptoms and instead try to live with the problems?


2. Who is the one healing?

In short, YOU are the one healing. Healing is the creation of new living tissue (normally replacing damaged/fatigued tissue). So the creation of new living tissue, healing, is done by you. 


3. How long does it take to heal?

Are you under stress? How much sugar do you eat? Do you drink alcohol? How much do you weigh? Do you drive a lot? Is your spine and nervous system working at 100%? All of these factors and more can influence healing rates which means it can be hard to predict how long it takes. If you create the best environment for your body to heal then you can significantly cut down the time it takes to get better.


4. Why will I heal?

Simply, because we are alive. Those who are alive, heal. The more ‘alive’ (optimal functioning) our cells/tissues and organs are the faster we heal and repair. So how optimally are you functioning?


5. BEST QUESTION: Which organ is self-regulating you?

What’s the blood pressure in your little toe? Is there enough acid in your stomach? What’s the movement of your spine like at Lumbar vertebrae 5? Your brain amazingly knows all this information through your nervous system and is processing this data all the time. That’s right, the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain) self regulates the body and helps you to function at your best. Isn’t it amazing?


6. Why do we get sick?

For the majority of us our health is dependent on our environment (traumas, toxins and thoughts) and how our body interprets all this environmental data through the nervous system.


7. What can we do about it?

It’s best to look after the environment we put our bodies through and to look after the nervous system that interprets all this data.


When was the last time your spine and nervous system was checked?


How healthy do you want you and your family to be, Average or Better?


​At PureChiro Clinic we analyse the spine and nervous system utilising some of the latest scanning technology, whilst creating a proactive approach to healing and repair.


PureChiro Clinic *Introductory offer of £29 includes both a Consultation and Examination (including scans) and a report of findings. *Introductory offer is for a limited time only.


If you have any questions please contact the PureChiro Clinic team and they will be happy to help.


01246 412255

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