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At PureChiro, we aim to establish long-term relationships with all our clients in order to ensure the best results from our treatments. It’s important to look at each client’s symptoms in detail so that we can tailor a treatment plan that is right for that individual.

Every client is different and we invest time getting to know you and your problem, understanding the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms. We will use various methods to find the nature of your pain and may use our state-of-the-art MyoVision scanning technology to understand your condition further. Occasionally we may refer you for further tests such as X-rays/MRIs or blood tests.

Your Chiropractic Journey

Your First Visit

Patients can often be put under a lot of pressure to accept a proposed treatment plan and start with Chiropractic procedures on the first day of arriving at a clinic. We do not believe in this approach for many reasons – most of all it puts increased pressure on the patient. This is why we aim to provide a relaxed atmosphere where, in a short space of time, you will be introduced to our staff, examined thoroughly with our EMG spinal scanning equipment and will be given every detail of treatment. On your first visit to PureChiro, you will be guided every step of the way. The Chiropractor will provide a thorough consultation and examination, and will begin to compile a tailored treatment plan that is right for you. We will ask you to fill out a Chiropractic history form when you arrive at the clinic – this will be passed to your Chiropractor. The Chiropractor will then come and greet you and guide you to an examination room. The first visit is all based around learning about you, your symptoms and to what extent your body is being affected. The consultation and examination will last approximately one hour to acquire all the detail we need to specifically tailor a plan that is unique to you. Your condition may require neurological scanning, utilising our onsite MyoVision EMG scanner. If so, don’t worry, this comes at no extra charge.

A comprehensive in-depth review of your health history:

To understand your condition the Chiropractor must first understand the state of your overall health, including your symptoms and to what degree you are functioning. Once we have these details, we can focus our examination to find what is creating your symptoms.

A thorough Chiropractic initial examination:

The Chiropractor will use a variety of examination procedures to find the details of your condition including: range of movement, flexibility, reflexes, posture and many others. An initial examination follows a 12-step protocol to determine your health condition (may include additional steps) including our state-of-the-art spinal electromyography (sEMG), measured postural analysis and Flex Ultra range of motions (find out more in the images below).

Detailed Postural and Spinal Evaluation:


Neurological MyoVision Scanner:​










Flex Ultra Range of Motions:


Your Chiropractic Journey Continued...

My birth didn’t go as planned, but Hannah was there every step of the way...

As a first time mom, I did a lot of research during my pregnancy. I had heard the term Doula many times but didn’t think it was for me. After having Hannah’s support during pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, and postpartum I can't think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from her help. As women we spend a lot of time preparing to take care of our baby, Hannah takes care of you the mother, and dad too! My birth didn’t go as planned, but Hannah was there every step of the way supporting me and my husband, helping us to make informed decisions. The support I received from Hannah postpartum played such an important role in my healing and transition into motherhood. Even with a large support system of family and friends her role was so crucial to my well being. I don’t even want to think about what this journey would have been like without her. I give her so much credit for how smoothly this life change has been for me and my husband.
- Mom E

I was able to stay fresh and love on my wife because I knew I had help...

Thank you so much to Hannah for being apart of our birthing experience. It was such a blessing to have her there. I was able to stay fresh and love my wife because I knew I had help. She did a great job letting us make decisions while still reminding us of our goals. - Dad N

Everyone needs a Hannah-doula for their pregnancy and birth...

When I first became pregnant, I knew I wanted to have a home birth with a midwife but had no idea what a doula was or that I needed a doula. My Midwife had suggested it in one of our meetings but I just brushed it off and thought to myself, I have a midwife and a husband, I don’t need anybody else! And then Hannah came into the picture and I thought to myself, thank goodness I have a Doula. About a month before I gave birth I reached out to Hannah to see if she could be my doula and I am so blessed that she was available! Hannah was a huge help right from the beginning. She thought of all the things I wasn’t even thinking about, making sure I was prepared for absolutely anything whether I gave birth at home or in a hospital. Hannah is extremely well informed on anything to do with pregnancy, birth, and raising children. She was by my side during my entire 40 hours of labor and birth. And now looking back, I don’t know how I would have made it through labor or birth without her. Everyone needs a Hannah-doula for their pregnancy and birth. I wish I would have connected with her sooner to have learned more and prepared more. Her education, encouragement, support, and love will make a huge difference I promise!
- Mom K

“You are safe, your baby is safe, trust your body.”

When Hannah reached out to me about working together I remembered trying to figure out how to politely say “no.” I decided I would take her up on her offer for a free consultation and after what turned into a one hour conversation over the phone, I hung up saying, “yes.” I didn’t know it then, but now after having given birth, I see how the decision of having Hannah as my doula was what gave me an empowering, fulfilling birth story rather than a traumatic and potentially harmful birth experience. Hannah supported me every step of the way, she was there for me when I decided to switch to a home birth, she was there for me when it felt extremely isolating to be pregnant in a pandemic, and she was there for me to offer the support my husband was unable to provide due to our physical separation across borders due to Covid-19. I will never forget being hard at work on pushing out my baby girl with her holding my hand the entire time telling me “You are safe, your baby is safe, trust your body.” Pre-birth those words may not have meant much but IN BIRTH they were what kept me in the positive mental space of knowing I could deliver my baby. She was my constant stream of strength and encouragement. Because my husband was unable to be present, she facilitated FaceTime on her computer throughout the entire labor and somehow managed to make sure my husband participated, even if only virtually. She encouraged him to encourage me and used her knowledge of us and our preferences to create a beautiful atmosphere in which we all felt comfortable and connected. My daughter’s birth was one of the sweetest and most precious moments I have ever experienced despite the odds: My first pregnancy, having an unexpectedly large baby, posterior facing, and unable to have my husband’s physical presence. I labored for nearly 2+ days and I know that if not for Hannah, I would not be able to today say that my birth was nearly everything that I would have wanted it to be. And I know Hannah would have done everything should could to get me the only thing missing: my husband. She continued to support me and the baby into postpartum, going above and beyond to help us however she could so we could be reunited with my husband. In what could have been a very isolating, lonely place, I was never alone. I shake my head in wonder when I think that I had almost declined Hannah’s offer to be my doula. It was, beyond a doubt, the best decision I could have made for myself, my husband, and our baby. - Mom M

"If it wasn't for Hannah...."

If it wasn't for Hannah... Hannah has been our rock. Mine and my husband's, long before the night our daughter was born. She's walked the path of pregnancy with us from almost the very beginning. Even before becoming pregnant, I always knew I wanted a Doula. When I envisioned my labor and birth, my mind and heart saw a tribe of women. All together cheering me on as my husband and I brought life Earthside. The week after we found out we were pregnant, Hannah announced she was in the final stages of becoming a Doula. It was a sign. Our pregnancy and postpartum has had so many hurdles. Beautiful moments, unexpected twists, and unnerving experiences. She was right there with us. In the middle of a pandemic, she has been our beacon of light. Hannah held my shaking body through the throngs of labor, stroking my back, and speaking courage into my soul. She instilled into my brain that my body was and is capable of birth. She documented my husband catching our daughter and cutting the umbilical cord because we couldn't have a birth photographer. I'll never forget the day I called her. I was at a low point, less than a week after our daughter was born, struggling with breastfeeding. Hannah came over. She asked me how she could support me. She has changed our lives in so many beautiful ways. If it wasn't for Hannah, I don't know. I really don't. And I'm so thankful I never will. There are no amount of words to thank her properly for the guidance she's given me as a mother. For the courage, I had going into birth or the team that my husband and I were and are. - Mom S

"Hannah helped guide me into fatherhood..."

From prenatal, to the birth of our daughter, to postnatal, Hannah has exceeded all of our expectations. Her open stream of communication and support were enough to keep my jitters at bay. As a couple, my wife and I were able to go into the delivery room with a clear picture of how we wanted to welcome our daughter into this world. With Hannah's help we had enough support to see it through. As a father, I struggled to find my place in it all. Hannah helped guide me into fatherhood with her wealth of knowledge and many, many kind words. As a skilled craftsmen, I hold high regard for anyone who devotes themselves to a craft. In a room full of commotion, Hannah displayed a steady calmess, and radiated reassurance that only a professional could display. I could not imagine the days before, during, or after my daughters birth without Hannah. - Dad M

"She was an extremely important part of the process..."

"It was a great blessing having Hannah present supporting me and my wife at the same time, she helped me to not worry more than necessary and also gave me the patience I needed during the long labor. Because I was far away, it would have been really hard had Hannah not been there. She was the one who helped me to not fall asleep when my wife needed me, she called me on facetime in the early labor process to keep me updated, she made sure I knew what was going on and was able to be there for my wife the way I wanted to be had I been there. She was an extremely important part of the process and if she hadn't been there I don't think it would have turned out as amazing as it did, she really did a great job and I pray she can continue in her work so others can be blessed by her. I really feel so grateful for her and am so glad she was there for my wife and baby." - Dad D



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