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Your Stories

Sir Dean Bolton


I was getting migraines every week and, if it wasn't for Chiropractic, I would be back to square one. Three days at a time off work was no good to me as I run my own company. I would advise people to go to a Chiropractor as a starting point.

Helen Ellerby

I feel confident that Luke knows my needs and will give me the best course of treatment. He always has time to listen to me, suggest helpful exercises and answer any questions I may have.

Chris Bostock

(Professional Dancer)

I've definitely noticed with Chiropractic care that I've healed a lot better, things that have been out of place, have been lined up again and my function has been a lot better. Would 100% recommend anyone questioning having Chiro care to definitely go and get it.  

Richard Francis

Without the opportunity of visiting you I would not be able to walk. My outlook on life is a lot more positive. It's brilliant.

Jo Brown

Since I've come here I've had no pain in my back. The best part of it, it has completely gone. I'm 75.... it's got me walking. No stick, no nothing!

Jolene Bickley

When I first came in I was really suffering -  lower back, neck, shoulders, everything hunched and tight. Now, since seeing you it's totally free and relaxed.

James Richardson, Boxer

My  whole body in general feels better. It's sorting problems out that I didn't really know that I had.

Sarah Hadley

Before this (Chiropractic care)  I couldn't do anything. I couldn't pick my kids up, I couldn't even walk at one point. It feels like I can carry on with my life now.

Lesley Blackburn

Coming regularly and having my manipulations has been a real revelation to my health, in all honesty. It allows me now to lead a fulfilled life.

Gwyneth Whybrow

(Chiropractic care) has improved me greatly, I can walk further, bend up and down better…and I feel a lot better for it.

Robert Needham

You gave me various exercises to do over the coming weeks and told me not to rush anything. I can't believe I've gone from never running before, just playing football, to now doing half-marathons, it's crazy. 

Stephen Scott

I had a problem for 9 years…you found it, you treated it and I've never had that problem again. Within two months that problem had subsided and that was another turn around moment.


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